The Pros and Cons of Self Storage

Probably you have thought about self-storage at some point in life. We all need that extra space for one reason or another. However, there are dynamics to the service that often discourage use. Not forgetting that there are several online blogs out there dedicated to show you just how much of a bad idea self-storage is; high rental rates, value depreciation, insecurity and the list goes on.

But is it really that bad? Honestly, if you are renting storage space just for a short while, this can be highly beneficial to you. And just about anyone can benefit from private storage services no matter which country or continent you are in.

The Student

DSC_8449 copyImagine moving to a new school or you just got a scholarship to study overseas and you have luggage to consider. You are not entirely sure what to expect on the other end and in most cases, students find themselves stranded. Which is better, ending up in a new town without a clue where your many boxes should go or going online, finding suitable rental units within the area and finding your luggage safely stored even before you land?

There are rental lockers as well where you can store all your books and study equipment. Having this part of your move sorted helps you focus on other important things. At least you can now search for suitable accommodation as your luggage is stored securely for you.

The Moving Company

DSC_8451 copySame goes for a company expanding on new territories. If your company equipment arrived at the port early before you can shift your workers, you can have them stored temporarily before your correspondents on the other side organize for transport. Moreover, when companies expand, the paper work also grows and this means extra storage units for filing old documents away. Do you see where the self-storage unit comes in? Your extra files can be filed temporarily away as you create more space for new files. Private storage units are also great if you have sensitive company information that need to be stored safely from unauthorized access.

The Moving Family

storage-for-businessPerhaps you need to renovate your garage into a small home garden or even an extra room for your growing family. But you have all these piles of boxes, old tricycles, cans of paint, piles of car tyres or your old station wagon that you haven’t used in years all stocked up in there. A private self-storage facility takes away the worry of not knowing where to keep all these stuff as you de-clutter your home.

Moreover, that extra room created in your room could be used for renting out to any individual looking for a temporary place to stay. The money from your extra room could be used to pay for the extra storage, then the surplus remains your sweet profit – easy money with less effort.

Self-storage facilities are a huge benefit to all of us if you come to think of it. You don’t have to worry about factors like storage fees if you do your homework carefully and identify several units in your area that rent affordably.