Types Of Smartphones Based On Operating System

Recent research shows that more than 2.7 billion people in the world use smartphones. It thus translates to more than 35% of the entire world’s population which is a good number since some areas are yet to experience civilization. A smartphone in the simplest terms is a mobile phone that has an operating system. The following are the different types of smartphones in the world today

Android phones

Android powers most of the phones in the world. Google develops this OS and licenses it to various mobile phone manufacturers who meet the minimum standards. Android phones mostly come with inbuilt tools from Google such as Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Drive and Photos. Samsung is one of the major tech giants that use the Android operating system on its smartphones. There are various versions of the Android OS, and some have been faced out with time. Some phones operating on android may allow you to upgrade to the latest OS version while others are locked.


It is an operating system that powers all the smartphones manufactured by Apple Company. One of the main reasons why people fall in love with these smartphones is the fact that the manufacturer produces both the OS and the hardware which lowers compatibility issues. An iPhone functions differently from an android powered phone in various ways such as the GPS as you can see over here. The company has been rolling out new versions of the OS system, and some have also been faced out as well. Ios comes with features such as Siri which in simple terms is digital assistance.

Windows Phone

Even though Microsoft is known much in the computing world, it also has its share on mobile phone marketing through its OS. Some of the products that come with Windows OS include One Drive, Bing, and Xbox. Cortana will act as your personal assistant if you are using a smartphone powered by Windows 10 and above. It comes with Windows Store where you can download various apps that you may need on your phone. These smartphones are not widespread in the market. Nokia was one of the first manufacturers to use Windows but, they seem to be shifting towards android OS.

There may be other classifications but based on the operating system seems to be the best. We can also classify phones as entry, medium and high-end based on the features and price.