Things You Can do to Help Sell Your Home

Regardless of the state of the market, there are certain things that homeowners can do which affect how quickly they can make a sale. For example, someone who has a lot of experience in selling homes, or who has some hidden advantage, may get a quicker sale and a better price if they act as their own agent. However, most people who take this approach, having no prior experience, will probably miss out on multiple opportunities to sell before they finally get an acceptable offer.

If your priority is getting a quick sale, you may find that you have to compromise on price. There may well be buyers out there who would be willing to stump up much more than most for your property, but if they don’t know about it, it’s not going to happen. You have to be sure that the price you are asking is reasonable, so get a few different valuations and set the price accordingly. You shouldn’t have to sell it for less than it is worth, but always be prepared to negotiate.

When it comes to making a quick sale, first impressions are everything. A great first impression simply means that you are able to capture the attention of more people. It can mean the difference between getting the future buyer through the door to take a look, and watching them drive on by.

One expression you may hear a lot is ‘curb appeal’. Everyone will tell you that you have to increase your curb appeal to enhance that first impression. But how, exactly are you supposed to do that? It can be difficult to know what kind of improvements you can make when you’re so used to your own home.

Firstly, if your house number is on your mailbox, then this is the first part of your home people are going to see. Having an old, rusty, beat up mailbox isn’t going to make people want to look further. If it’s that bad, just invest in a nicer, new one. Plant flowers or a small rock garden around it to make it look as homely as possible. As potential buyers cruise down your street looking for your house number, they’ll be both relieved and pleased when they come across it on the nicest mailbox on the street.

Next thing you can do, if you haven’t already, is to edge your driveway. A driveway which is clearly delineated makes it look much neater. Uneven driveways with weeds eating away at the edges indicate that you don’t care for your property properly. A viewer might see it as causing them extra work and hassle in the future.

Planting flowers is probably the easiest and most cost effective way to improve the appearance of your home. They add charm and warmth to a home which otherwise might look characterless and forlorn in a street with thousands of near-identical properties. Perennials save you the hassle of actually having to take up gardening, if all you want to do is make your home look nicer. Plant them along the edge of your lawn, in front of the building, in flower boxes and in hanging baskets and be sure to keep them looking tidy.

The first impression that many potential buyers get of your home won’t be from the street outside, however. Around 90% of then will visit a realtor’s website and browse through their photos of your home before they show up in person. This is where you can make your home stand out from the rest. Whereas the realtor will most likely have a professional photographer who can make the interior of your property look as appealing as possible, you can get an advantage by investing in a small drone to fit out with a camera. The drone can capture views of your property from flattering and interesting angles. It can also give potential buyers a better idea of the extent and dimensions of the property. You can browse through some drone reviews here,, so as to decide which might be the best option for you. If you really like the idea, you could even use the drone to create a promotional video to help sell your property.