Starting a Comedy Night or Comedy Club

Life gets monotonous at times, and all you want is to go somewhere that will allow you to laugh your head off. Then it hits you that there is nothing as outrageously funny within the vicinity you live. Wouldn’t it be a good idea for you to start one? You are thinking of starting a comedy night or a comedy club within your vicinity. You shoot the idea down because you don’t know where to start. Well, it is not that way; it is easy and quick to start this club.

Rally the Audience

The first task you need to achieve is to rally an audience. Without the audience, you won’t have anyone to enjoy the performance with you. You can start an audience by inviting colleagues and a few friends. The first meetings will be all about bonding and helping them understand what is happening.  Make sure you have a good laugh at incredibly funny jokes and then revisit this scenario soon, selling them the idea of making the experience a regular experience.  The second time, take time to tell your friends to invite their friends and use this opportunity to widen your audience.

Get the Venue

This is the next vital step towards establishing a successful comedy club. Since you are starting out, a small room that takes 10 or more people will be the best option for you. You can move the furniture to another room and have a stage and a few chairs. Don’t forget to get a mix and some sound systems. As the event grows bigger, you will be tasked with finding a bigger venue for the event. If you are running on a string budget, you can use an open space or an amphitheater in the neighborhood. Make sure you have the relevant license for such a large gathering.

Get Performers

You can use up and coming comedians but for how long. You need to inject in some much-needed adrenaline in your performances. You need to get some experienced comedians for this task. You can host them once per week to themed nights so that you attract more people.

In Closing

Comedy, just like any other kind of performing arts, sells a lot. You need to find the best platform to sell this comedy to your audience. Take time to rally an audience, get the right venue and find performers for your night. With time, move to a bigger venue taking into consideration the fact that you need professional performers and a valid license.