Reasons to Upgrade to Wireless Speakers

If you are one of those people who is still dealing with the annoyance of wired speakers, why haven’t you switched to wireless? Whether this is a single speaker for your music on the go or a home theater system, there is no reason for you not to make the switch. Why is this so? In a matter of minutes (depending on your reading speed), you will find out why the decision to upgrade to wireless speakers will be the easiest in your life.


This one speaks for itself. Undoubtedly, the biggest selling point of wireless speakers is that they don’t have wires. Some wired speakers (specifically those in a home theater system) are obnoxiously long and while this is good for speaker placement, it’s not good for storing the extra wire away. With wireless speakers, all you have to do is place the individual speakers in any location you want without worrying about any wires getting in the way (as long as they are still detectable to the system). However, if you are just using a wireless speaker for your music player it’s also convenient as you don’t have to worry about wires getting tangled during use.

They Can Work with Multiple Devices

When you get wireless speakers, you can sync them with multiple devices. This is possible because of Bluetooth technology. While not all wireless speakers will have Bluetooth, most portable speakers do. Basically, if you have a device that has Bluetooth technology it can be synced with your wireless speakers (if they have Bluetooth). This is fantastic because some specific home theater systems will only play with the included device (whether that be a DVD player, Blu-Ray player, etc.). Thus, you may have to end up buying separate speakers for separate devices. Not the case with Bluetooth wireless speakers.


If the first two reasons have not sold you yet, then there is no way you won’t be after this one. It’s hard to say, but wireless speakers’ portability may just be their best asset. Let’s say that you are going to a party and are looking for a logical way to play music. If you have a set of wireless speakers, you can easily place them in a backpack (or any other bag) and easily travel with them. However, on a nice day, you could also use them outside. Heck, if you are planning to go to the beach you could even take them there (as long as you keep sand out of them). Basically, anywhere you can think of wireless speakers can be taken because of their superb portability.

Easy Installation

Speaking on the behalf of installing wired home theater systems, wireless systems are so much easier to install. With some systems that have five speakers (5.1 Surround Sound), connecting them all to the base of the system can be a pain. Some require you to connect two individual wires for each speaker. If you add this up, you could have to connect 10 separate wires. Not only this but it’s also a hassle to find a good place for the excess wire. You don’t want it in the sight of others because it’s both annoying to look at and can cause damage to the speakers (if someone trips over the wires). When you have wireless speakers, the only tasks you have to do are setting up the speakers where you want them and connecting them to a Bluetooth device (which is very simple).

Sound Quality is Not Reduced

While it’s impossible to promise that every single wireless speaker system in the world will have great sound quality (as that would require researching each one in existence), in general, their sound isn’t inferior to wired speakers. You will still be able to hear crisp music, ground-breaking bass (depending on its level) and overall clear sound. However, just remember that sound quality also goes hand in hand with price. If you buy a cheap pair of speakers, then chances are the sound quality will be below average. On the contrary, if you spend some extra money you can find wireless systems with superb sound quality.

Come on now, you can’t say that you aren’t interested in upgrading to wireless speakers (if you haven’t already). For those of you who are interested, you can find some great reviews at The Smart Future. They should help you narrow down your decision. After all, now that you know you want wireless speakers it’s important to know which ones to invest in.