How to pick a laser engraver specific for your needs

Machines have been replacing manual labor due to the constant development of technology. Laser machines can complete a wide variety of high precision operations better than manual engraving methods.

Recently new technology has enabled the development of many smaller handheld laser engravers which is great news for DIY laser enthusiasts. However, one problem has arrived. Due to the large number of models available on the market today, how does one choose a laser engraver that fits their needs?

Picking a machine will have a direct impact on your businesses productivity and the quality of the work produced. 

It is important to pick a company that offers good customer service

Do research on the company’s reputation for good customer support after you buy the machine? Most good companies should offer technical customer support.

Lasers are complicated machines and do break down. Therefore it is important to make sure that the company you buy from offers good support after you buy the machine. Check that the company makes parts for the machine so that it is feasible to get replacement parts should it break down.

Most reputable companies will have tutorials on how to use and fix the machines available on their website. Therefore, it is important to pick a company with a good reputation for customer support and that produces parts for the machine. If the company does not produce parts for the machine it means that it will be difficult to find spare parts if it breaks down. 

The size and power of the machine needs to be specific to your needs

The size of the machine will depend on size of the material you will put in the machine to cut or engrave. A bigger machine will allow you to cut a bigger material as well as smaller ones. The power of the machine is measured in watts. Therefore the more watts available the more powerful the machine will be. The machine’s power is very important for cutting the material faster. A machine with a weaker laser will mean having to slow the laser down to make a quality cut. The benefit of having a bigger machine will allow you to work on bigger materials or complete multiple materials at once.

The actual size of the machine needs consideration as you need a suitable working space in which to operate it in.  Determine the machine working zone before purchasing your machine. 

Costs of machine

There is a view that the higher the price means the better the quality of the machine. However, different prices can buy a quality product select the most cost-effective machine to determine your budget.

The function of the laser machine is important in regards to specifically meeting your needs for engraving materials. A lot of engraving machines have their own software to operate the machine, therefore the software needs to be easy to use. Most software is basic to use and allows the machine to be user-friendly.