The Internet is Full of Interests!

What are the things you struggle with most in this world? Some people are never going to be able to climb Everest, some may want to become a professional football player and fail miserably (I’m not bitter at all with regard to that one, honest), and some may just struggle with the small things in […]

The Different Ways You Turn People Off

Whole industries have grown up around making ourselves more attractive to people. Sometimes this is for the purposes of finding a partner, at other times it’s to help us sell a used car or make ourselves seem electable. While we may be aware of the basics of attraction, we make actually be doing more to […]

How to Look as Good as a Movie Star

Have you ever wondered how people in movies look so much better than people in real life? Even the actors look better in movies than they do in their day to day lives. So how do they do it? And, more importantly, how can you get the same effect and get the movie star look? […]

What You Can Do For Your Village

Those of us who choose to live in villages often do so because of the things that village life offers that cities and towns don’t – a sense of community, knowing your neighbours, helping each other out, peace, tranquillity, home-made produce, proximity to the countryside and so on. As our villages offer us so much […]

Special Dietary Requirements – Can Rice Help?

I was turning 30 in a week and I decided instead of sitting around in my house and just hiding away depressed, I was going to see out my twenties in style. This was going to be a big party and I wanted to do everything properly.  I bought invitations, new plates and cutlery, a […]

So Many Different Pressure Cookers

When looking for a new pressure cooker, you will find many different makes and models available. Here you will find a guide to which types of cooker are available, and a few pro’s and con’s for each. Make sure you research the model you are interested in, and be sure to read plenty of pressure […]

The Different Features of your Cordless Drill explained

By understanding the different features of a cordless drill you can make an informed decision when purchasing. For more information on Drills and Drivers click this link. Your new cordless drill will be made up of; A trigger A keyless chuck Chuck jaws Clutch Speed switch Forward and reverse switch Handle Battery (either Lithium Ion […]

How to Install a Salt-Based Water Softening System

For the first time and hopefully the last! Bearing in mind once again that you need to check the instructions carefully as this guide is designed to give you an idea of the work involved. Building codes can insist on bypass or shut-off valves to be installed, so first check your local town hall for […]

What Exactly is a Patio Heater?

Explaining the different parts of the different types of heater will help you understand the workings of patio heaters. “Heat transfer through radiation” is a good definition of an IR patio heater.  This of course refers to infrared heat.  The very same heat we get from the sun but in the middle of winter. As […]

My First Job: Landscaping at It’s Finest

Summer jobs aren’t hard to come by as a young teen, especially if you’re a spry one at that. My first job wasn’t anything glamorous, but I was relatively proud with what I was able to achieve. I made some friends, some of which I still talk to, and I also got to make some […]