Instagram Metrics That Matter

With millions of users jumping onto the Instagram bandwagon ach month, the platform has become impossible for brands to ignore. However, not every brand that uses Instagram is doing as well as they should.

To check whether your efforts are paying off, you need to evaluate how the posts are driving the outcome. Whether you are planning to open a new Instagram account or you have several existing account, this is the right time to go for a results-oriented approach to your account. You can do this by monitoring the right metrics using analytic tools. Here are some of the analytics to monitor.

Follower Count

This is one of the most easiest yet vital metrics to keep a tab on. The number of followers might not mean anything on your personal account, but if you are managing an account for a brand, you need to engage as many people as possible.

For Instagram, the more people the better. You can attract more people to your Instagram account and retain them by using automation or following the right procedure when posting your content.


Hashtags allow people who are interested in the industry to find your content and connect with you. Make sure you tag your posts with relevant hashtags to make an impact. If you have just stocked the latest laptop, you can use #latestmodelname, and if you sell laptop bags, you can use #computingonthego.

You need to keep a tab on the latest hashtags trending in your niche. Don’t hesitate to use as many hashtags as possible. Fortunately, Instagram allows you to use as many as 30 hashtags, but it is recommended that you use only a few, maximum 10.

Likes and Comments

Once the Instagram account starts to grow, you need to understand what kinds of posts elicit the right kind of reaction from users. You want to understand what topics get the highest number of likes and comments and those that attract the least. The aim is to know what to change and what to build upon. Spire, since 1998, has been on the forefront to help you get to the top of marketing your products and services and knows the best ways to grow your engagement levels.

In Closing

There are various metrics that you can use to monitor the performance of your Instagram account. Use these metrics to alter the way you market your products and services to get the best out of your efforts.