How to Look as Good as a Movie Star

Have you ever wondered how people in movies look so much better than people in real life? Even the actors look better in movies than they do in their day to day lives. So how do they do it? And, more importantly, how can you get the same effect and get the movie star look? Here, we’ll take a look at the tricks of the trade and insider secrets that can give you that Hollywood look, no matter what you happen to be doing, whether you’re picking up some groceries, going to see the doctor or just relaxing in front of the TV.

First off, you’re probably going to have to do something about your hair. It’s not possible to give one-size-fits-all advice about hair as your hairstyle should complement the shape of your face and your physique. For guys, if you look like Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson, you’ll be able to save money on a stylist by simply shaving your hair off. For men and women who don’t have the physique to pull that off, a trip to the salon is in order. So, here’s our first insider tip: when stars are invited to the Oscars, they’re asked to turn up with unwashed, dry hair. The reason for this? Unwashed hair holds its style much better than recently-washed hair. It’s then styled with a wet brush, dry shampoo, spray and a blow-dryer. Apply extensions and highlights to get the look you want.

Makeup makes the biggest difference between how someone looks on the big screen and how they look when they’re lying in bed with a hangover. Again, there isn’t one solution to fit everybody – it really depends on what image you want to portray. Take a look at the movie star you’d most like to resemble and try to mimic what they do. Be realistic about who you choose, too – if you want to look like Park Min Young but you closely resemble Robbie Coltrane, you’re going to need a lot of surgery before you even think about makeup.

For women, the basic rules are to accentuate the lips (lipstick – go red) and eyes (mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner), and soften the skin (foundation and blusher). The whole idea is to appear healthier and more youthful. For men, the big thing is ‘no makeup’ makeup. You want to hide bags under your eyes, wrinkles, blemishes and scars while subtly accentuating your jawline, chin, nose and eyebrows. The colors you use should not differ greatly from the natural colors of your face.

It’s very rare to see anyone on the big screen with less than perfect teeth. If you’re young, you can save yourself a lot of money down the line by acting now and taking good care if your teeth for life. Use fluoride, don’t smoke, floss your teeth and use a brush with adjustable settings (something like this: to clean your teeth after every meal. Orthodontic treatment is usually cheaper and quicker for young people. For those who are less fortunate, the most extreme option is to invest in a completely new set of piano keys. Short of that, look into straightening and whitening and start taking your oral hygiene more seriously.

It’s almost impossible to think of a movie hero who wasn’t in good shape. Even those who make it onto the big screen with a few extra pounds are given quirky or buffoon-like ‘fat person’ roles. The fact is that the actor who plays the ‘average guy’ spends a lot of his time with his personal trainer at the gym, getting leaner and more pumped than you’ve ever been. The same goes for the nerdy girl in films. Take off the glasses and cardigan and she actually looks more like a cheerleader. The message is clear: if you want to look like a movie star, you are going to have to get into good shape. Cut out the beer, nachos and pizza, put down your games controller and start crushing it and sweating buckets five times a week. Don’t forget to adjust your diet accordingly.

The last thing we need to look at is your clothing. Firstly, choose a style and stick to it. Don’t go mixing up hipster and hip hop. Don’t try to wear a Panama hat with bling and a pair of Nikes. Whether you want to look like James Bond or Tank Girl, choose the appropriate clothes and stick with them. It’s essential that your clothes are clean all of the time. If they start to fade or look worn, replace them. Hollywood doesn’t do dirty, stinky or worn out, and that’s nothing new – why do you think people buy brand new ripped clothes for hundreds of dollars at a pop?

Once you’ve got the look down, it’s time to get into persona, get out there and start turning heads! Whether you’re sitting down at church or just mowing the lawn, you’re bound to make a big impression!