How I Recovered From My Back Pain

Last year, I was diagnosed with severe back pain caused by a series of bad habits that I’ve developed over the years. Not only did I sit down a lot (I work at a call center) on cheap chairs, but I also had a very poor quality mattress (and bed) at home that would always make it impossible for me to have a good night’s sleep. After going back and forth to my doctor’s appointments, he told me that the only way my back pain could improve would be if I change my lifestyle.

As you probably can already guess, changing a lifestyle that’s 20 years old is not easy and that’s why I felt really worried when he said that to me. However, he did mention that I might be able to alleviate my pain if I change my mattress with a memory foam mattress.

The moment of revelation

j2w4g_Richmond 3ftl Mem FTo be honest, I didn’t know too much about memory foam mattresses, but I was soon to find out the fact that they’re the most comfortable mattresses you could ever get and are also extremely effective at helping those suffering from back pain. Well, I guess that includes me, too. However, before I get to talk about the various types of memory foam mattresses you can get, I need you to remember a few terms, including firmness and supportiveness. Let’s talk about mattress supportiveness first.

Mattress Supportiveness

memory-foam-mattressWhen I say supportiveness, I’m referring to the mattresses ability of supporting your body on a level and flat plane as opposed to allowing one or more parts of the body to be higher or lower than the rest. If you’re like me and suffer from back pain, then my advice would be to focus on getting a memory foam mattress that offers a high level of supportiveness. One thing that I want to warn you about though is that many people are focused on getting mattresses that are very soft. If you do that, then you’re practically going to cancel the positive health effects of your supportive mattress.

The more supportive a mattress is, the lower the chances of it sagging which is a major concern for anyone who wants to replace his old mattress with a new one and the main factor that leads to back pain.

Sleeping positions and mattress firmness

premium-king-size-memory-foam-mattressIn my experience and after the extensive research I did, I discovered that if you want to improve comfort and reduce pain, then you need to have a mattress that has a great level of firmness that’s suitable for your sleeping position.

For instance, if you’re the type who sleeps on his back, then my take is that you’ll feel very comfortable sleeping on a medium to firm mattress. If you sleep on the side, then I recommend you get a mattress with a medium to soft firmness. Lastly, if you sleep on your stomach, then, getting a mattress that has a medium firmness is what I’d recommend.

Now that you know exactly what type of mattress you should get, you can easily replace your old mattress with a new one that’s certainly going to help you sleep comfortably every night.