Holiday Preparation for PPC and SEO

After getting your website developed and up and running, and your business off the ground it is time to get your online marketing in gear for the holidays. For the sake of this post, let us concentrate on two critical online marketing aspects: PPC (Pay Per Click), and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Search Engines and Holidays

During the holidays, most consumers start their shopping quest on the Internet through a search engine:

In the year 2016, eight in ten shoppers were influenced by Internet sources prior to buying.

Around 70 percent of individuals begin with Google while using retail apps on mobile and websites on mobile.

During the holidays, search engines include the most influential media source.

Where does your website rank in search engines?

There essentially is two places you can rank within the search engine:

  • Paid search listings
  • Organic search listings

The Holidays and Organic Search Listings

Ranking high within the organic search results for critical keywords unfortunately, doesn’t occur overnight. Oftentimes it’ll take several months (or perhaps even years) to build rankings and authority, particularly within competitive markets.

If trying to organically rank well in time for the holiday season, begin with keyword research:

  • Identify targeted keywords: Imagine search words which balance high relevancy and month-to-month search volume.
  • Identify present keyword rankings: Are you low upon page one, low on page three or not showing up whatsoever?

After performing keyword research to comprehend target keywords, present rankings, as well as competition for the key phrase or keyword, decide what keywords are realistic to optimize for the holiday season. If there are some keywords on the cusp of the first page and the competition is quite low, concentrate on optimizing the site to boost rankings.

In addition, think about long-tail keyword optimization whether it is on the product page or possibly on an article/ blog. For instance, optimize for long-tail keywords such as: “2017 holiday gifts for working mothers,” or “best slippers for holiday gifts.”

If the word is extremely competitive and the site is no place to be discovered in organic results, it might be more advantageous to concentrate on paid search. If you do not already have your website designed and developed contact the experts in Toronto web design and development – Thinkbound!

Holidays and Paid Search

Paid search is an excellent method of getting more visibility and driving website traffic upon a more instant basis. But, it also is vital that you prepare ahead before performing holiday pay per click.

During the holidays, the cost per clicks usually rise; therefore, to obtain the biggest bang for your buck, advertising campaigns must be strong while the shopping season is in full bloom.

How you can have a successful advertising campaign for the holiday season:

  • Campaigns: Identify certain products to advertise within the holidays.
  • Advertising Types: Experiment with various types of ads: Location, Mobile, Shopping Ads, Search Ads, etc.
  • Test: Prior to the ad spends increasing, test various ad copy / creative in order to check which ones convert better.
  • Optimize: Enhance all landing pages using quality content, images, etc. for better Quality Scores.
  • Budget: Assess cost per clicks then decide available budget for every campaign.
  • Promotion: Decide which promotions you should run: coupon codes, free shipping, etc.
  • Track: Make sure conversions are correctly tracking and measure Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

2017 Holiday Calendar

In the 2017 holiday season, critical shopping dates include:

  • Nov. 24th: Black Friday
  • Nov. 27th: Cyber Monday
  • Dec. 16th: Free Shipping Day
  • Dec. 22nd: Two-Day Shipping Cut-off

2017 PPC and SEO Holiday Outlook

Some extra holiday statistics offered by Google to consider:

  • Fifty-four percent of consumers planned to begin shopping the date after Halloween
  • Online retail sales for 2016 on Black Friday rose by 21 percent
  • Cyber Monday mobile sales within the U.S. are up 34 percent
  • Forty-six percent of consumers claim shipping promos/ free shipping are deciding factors upon where they’ll shop

The holidays are upon us! Ensure your success online this year by preparing ahead. Block time off on your calendar to prepare every component of holiday marketing, particularly as it’ll come to PPC and SEO.