High School Home Essentials

As you get older and graduate from middle school, everyone is going to expect you to take on more responsibilities. This might mean helping out more at home, taking a weekend job or helping out at church or in the community. Plus, you’ll have more work to do now you’re going to high school and all the pressure that goes with that. So it’s only natural that with all this additional responsibility, you should have more independence.

Depending on where you live, you might already hold a driver’s license. If you don’t already have one, you’re probably aching to get it! One of the most recognizable steps that youngsters take on the path to adulthood is being able to drive an automobile. You’ll get the respect of your parents and your peers if you can take Grandma home after church, pick up the groceries and never have to rely on other folk to get around.

Once you’ve got your license and you’re enjoying your new freedom on the roads, it won’t be long until you’re ready to get your first car or pick-up. You can’t always be borrowing your daddy’s ride – he probably needs it more than you do, and it is, after all, his and not yours! Now the best way to do this is to save up some money from your job and looking at buying a used car, maybe a good old Dodge Charger or a Chevy Silverado, preferably from a friend or someone in the family or your community. That way, you’re likely to get a better price and fewer questions about the condition of the vehicle than if you went to a used car dealer.

Now that you and your friends are mobile, you’re going to want to be able to reach each other no matter where you are, and for that, you’ll need a cell phone. Lots of people will automatically go for whatever is coolest at the moment and whatever style they like. But remember, what’s cool now is going to old news in a few months. If you play that game, you’ll find yourself blowing all your money just keeping up with the latest trends. Instead, talk to people who have owned their phone for a year or so about its performance. Can it run multiple apps at the same time without slowing down? Is it sturdy enough to survive being accidentally dropped? Find someone who is happy with their phone and then go out and buy the same model. I bet you can find it in the store for half the price is was sold for when it was new.

You’re also going to need a laptop. The way the world is going, this could actually be number one on some teenagers’ lists. Today’s laptops aren’t just used for surfing the net, chatting with friends, gaming and updating your Facebook – they can help you with everything from schoolwork, home accounting, shopping and just about everything else – whether you want to learn how to make the most delicious boiled peanuts or just find the location of your nearest animal shelter or gun store. Finding the right laptop for you will be similar to finding the right phone – do a lot of asking around and find out about the terminology used to talk about computers – RAM, processors, video cards and all that. Only in this case, I would say you’re better off buying new and from a local dealer that offers a good warranty. Laptops don’t have a great lifespan and sustain damage to their components easily. As a result of this, they get slower and more unpredictable relatively quickly. If you do have a problem with your laptop you don’t want to have to wait months for it to be sent half way around the world to be repaired – you want a local service who you can trust to get it done as soon as.

You might already help out in the kitchen and be familiar with the kitchen appliances. No doubt some of you can serve up some real treats – cheese balls rolled in nuts, fried Twinkies, or perhaps even some delicious shrimp and grits. You can’t always be spending all that time in the kitchen when you want a snack, especially with all the schoolwork you’ll have to do. That’s why you’re going to need a toaster – perfect for breakfast and snacks throughout the day – make your grilled sandwiches chock full of bacon, egg, jalapenos, maple, ranch and of course all that extra sharp molten cheese, wow! They’re great for making other stuff, too – pizza anyone? Fried bologna and mayo sandwich? Yum!

These are just some of the essentials that you’re going to need in high school. Of course there’s going to be an even longer list of things you need which are more specific to you. Depending on who you are that may be sports apparel, headphones, gym membership, games consoles, rod and reels, ammunition, sneakers… the list is as long as you want it to be. But make sure you’ve got the essentials locked down first!