This is How You Grow Your Instagram Account

Let’s walk through it step-by-step to see what it takes to grow your Instagram account to the same level as others that you envy right now. It’s not all that hard. I just require a lot of persistence.

Professionalize Your Profile

The first step is to choose a username that jumps out, and that’s easy to remember for people. Make sure it’s truly unique and catchy. A solid username is half the work.

Hire a photographer to take some awesome photos of yourself, preferably in a nice setting, to become famous, you need to look like a celebrity, same like all the others so a random selfie won’t cut it here.

Fill out the bio section and create some bragging rights for yourself. Don’t wander too much of the truth but feel free to exaggerate things a little bit. After all, that’s what everyone is doing.

If you have a flashy website, link out to it by upgrading your Instagram account to the business version. If you only have a crappy little blog it’s probably better to leave it out completely and save this for the future instead.

Grow Your Account

The next thing you need are people that will follow you. You can do that by engaging with people but this is extremely time-consuming. Unless you have hours to spend every day it would still be silly to do just that.

Instead, there are bots on the market that can do just that for you, they auto-like, comment, follow, and even unfollow people in case they don’t follow you back. A bot would allow you to boost your account in no time so that by the end of the month you have at least a few thousand followers with only a few hours of work.

These few hours are spent accustoming yourself to the bot, going through the settings, setting your targets in terms of location, demographics, and search terms.

Time to Connect

Now that you already have a solid amount of followers you can reach out to other Instagram bloggers in your niche and offer to mention them in one of your future posts, in return for them mentioning you. Only the sun goes up for nothing. This is probably one of the most efficient ways to grow your profile, and imagine where you are if you keep doing this consistently for a whole year!

Your account would probably have ten thousands of followers by now and you just earned yourself some fame. Have at it.