Great Meals to Create in a Food Processor

What’s so great about food processors is that there are hundreds of meals that can be made. The only way the meals stop is when the imagination stops. Of course, one could just cheat and look up fantastic ideas online. That’s exactly the goal in this post, to give people fantastic ideas on what to make with their amazing appliance. If one is behind the game and doesn’t possess a food processor, then a fantastic place to learn about them is Zozanga. Once that is done, all of these meals (and snacks) can be enjoyed.

A Great Salad

Food processors are designed to chop up ingredients into small pieces. Thus, they can create picture perfect salads. Whether the salad includes celery, peppers, onions, or any other popular vegetable they all can be ground to perfection.

Gluten-Free Flour

Attempting to go gluten-free is a very expensive process. Compared to regular products, gluten-free versions always seem to cost more. Specifically, for flour, there is a tremendous alternative that can be achieved with a food processor. Instead of purchasing traditional gluten-free flour, try grinding up oats until they have a powdery texture. Get creative, as it doesn’t have to just be oats.

Hash Browns

Unfortunately, this one requires a little work on the user’s end. However, the hard work is done by the food processor. To create the perfect hash browns, firstly grind up several potatoes in the processor. Then, as the difficult work is now over, fry them in any desired way.

Snickers Pie

Alright, this sounds absolutely delectable. Once again, this meal won’t be solely achieved by the food processor. One would need to know how to properly make a pie, but the processor can add the key ingredient: Snickers. As one would guess, shred up various Snickers bars (as many as one wants) and include it in the filling.

Any Butter

The last meal on this list, which is more of a snack, can be achieved with creativity. Any sort of nut and seed can be turned into an irresistible butter. Whether this is peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds, or any other item that can be thought of they will all suffice.

Truthfully, these few entries are just scratching the surface on how many meals (and snacks) food processors can create. As a matter of fact, with most recipes, ingredients can be replaced with any of one’s choosing. Just remember, imagination is the key.