3 Signs that Tell You a Relationship Is Golden

Being in a relationship with someone is exciting.

You’ll have a constant activity and meal partner, as well as a person you can talk to 24/7. Your birthday, holidays, and special days tend to be extraordinary with their company, too.

More importantly, you become less scared of discovering possibilities because you know they’ll always have your back. Having them around makes you want to look forward to what else life has to offer.

But are you in a relationship that’s “golden”? Or are you in a position where things seem to be just temporary?

The signs below can help you figure it out.

1 – 100% Trust

Trust is an important component of a meaningful relationship. If there is no trust between two people, the bond will soon hit rock bottom.

So when you’re with someone who’s a keeper, trust is plastered in your relationship. You don’t spend your nights thinking whether they love you as much as you do because you’re already confident about it.

When they say they’re going out with their friends, you believe them. You don’t wonder whether they’re with another girl – someone whom you fear may look better than you.

2 – Great Communication

Can you talk to them about anything under the sun?

Can you effortlessly tell them about their ridiculous habits?

Can you be certain they understand your body language?

If you can’t, you need to find a way to improve your communication skills. If you’re not good communicators, the only option is to work on getting there.

Don’t hesitate to welcome them into your life, and they should be willing to include you in theirs. If the relationship is still new, don’t fret about it. Just do your best to be communicative without rushing to achieve your desired results.

Only if you can communicate greatly with your significant other, it’s a sign you’re in a safe place.

Otherwise, you’ll spend your days arguing over the simplest matters.

3 – Productive Arguments

And speaking of arguments, a sign that can indicate a good relationship is the nature of your arguments.

When you’re with someone (especially if they’re opinionated), expect arguments to be there. In a way, arguments help strengthen a relationship because it lets two people iron out their priorities.

Besides, would you even dare be with someone who doesn’t argue? How annoying do you think it is to be with a person who just nods to whatever you want?

When you guys argue, the argument’s subject is something other than your relationship. While you understand that the two of you are important, you also understand that there are issues bigger than your relationship.

For example, you’re arguing about what makes a brilliant entertainer at your friend’s wedding.

You’re going with famous DJs and street performers. On the other hand, he’s going with TheWeddingSinger!

Final Thoughts

The signs above can help you know whether your relationship is worth keeping. But you shouldn’t rely on these signs alone to say that things are going great for you and your significant other.

If you feel really good about where you are with them, then take it as a sign, too. If this is the case, it looks like you found a love that’s likely to last a lifetime!